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#7303 – Weather-Proof Field Case (Grey – Small)

Handmade in the Great Southeast, the Weather-Proof Field Case is ideal for storage of treasure and/or other valuables.

* Accessories not included.

Colour: Storm Grey

Weight: 125g

Max. Length: 230mm

Max. Height: 200mm

Folded Height: 100mm

Removable D-Ring: Durable ABS plastic, inspired by the PDW “Delta-Wing”.

Clean with warm water and soap (mild). Refrain from using solvents, rubbing alcohol or corrosive cleaning agents.

Featuring a removable D-Ring made from durable ABS plastic – inspired by the PDW “Delta-Wing”.

The Hutan x Bidor “Cleaver / Hatchet Collection” is a collaborative project between the modern outdoor brand and one of the most reputable knife makers in the Southeast Asian region.