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#9101 – Utility Sarong

The Hutan Utility Sarong is a modern interpretation of the traditional Southeast Asian waist-worn garment.

› Two Regular-Sized Pockets
› One Large-Sized Pocket
› Accessory Loop
› Silkscreen Printed Textures
› Instructional Graphics

› Fabric: 100% Nylon
› Material Description: Durable Ripstop Fabric
› Zippers: YKK–Closed End CONCEAL®
› Weight: 379g
› Dimensions: 1100mm (H) x 1000mm (W)
› Made in Singapore


The Hutan Utility Sarong optimally utilizes the properties of durable rip-stop fabric to bring manoeuvrability and comfort to the user in any outdoor/urban setting. A key feature of the Hutan Utility Sarong is its integrated storage compartments/pockets. They provide added convenience and security to the user. With these compartments strategically placed, the versatility of the product is enhanced such that it can easily be converted into a shoulder-slung bag or a utility scarf.

Worn as a garment:

Step through the opening of the garment. Hold the top corners and raise it above the waist and over your midriff. Align centre marker with your navel.

Fold one side of the garment across your body by bringing it towards the opposite side of your midriff.

Fold the other side of the garment over the first. Ensure adequate tautness around the waist.

Roll down the top edge of the garment over the folds. Your garment is now secured.


The Sarong has long been regarded as an essential clothing item among the natives of Southeast Asia. Especially in a tropical setting, the sarong remains one of the most functional, yet reliable, garments to wear/carry outdoors.