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#9302 – Field Chair (Raw) 1206 [SOLD OUT]
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The product innovation comes from the shoulder-screw assembly that holds the chair at the axis. This 7-component screw assembly is a proprietary design feature that significantly reduces the wear and tear effect of constant motion, use and abuse. The Hutan Folding Stool is suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage. While it is primarily designed to offer users brief respite during long overland journeys, the versatility of the field chair can also facilitate impromptu social interactions in any urban setting.


Along with our gear, the four of us jumped into the Land Rover and braced ourselves for the long journey ahead. The tropical heat soon wore off as we steadily ascended the mountain. Our truck crawled at a snail’s pace as it traversed over lava rocks; our camping gear harmoniously clunking in the truck bed with every squeak of the aged leaf springs.

The truck needed a break—we needed a break.

“Coffee? Anybody?”

It was time for a quick camp chair session.