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#7203 – Chop Chop

The Chinese Cleaver – 文武刀 (Wen Wu Dao) – draws reference from the Chinese idiom – 能文能武 (Neng Wen Neng Wu) – which literally translates to an individual’s proficiency in both literary arts and military warfare. Similarly, the Chinese Cleaver represents this versatility with its ability to slice delicate fine-julienne cuts, as well as the heavy chopping of meats and bones.

*prices are inclusive of a pair of sharpening stones — 400 grit (Grey), 600 grit (Black) — and a Weather-Proof Field Case.

Weight: 503g

Total Length: 320mm

Blade Height: 90mm

Handle Diameter: 25mm

Sharpening Stone (Grey): 400 grit

Sharpening Stone (Black): 600 grit

After use, rinse and wipe the blade dry. Apply a light coating of food-grade mineral oil before storage. Ensure the tool is stored in a moisture-free environment.

Patina on a carbon steel blade tells a beautiful story.

Handmade in the Great Southeast, the blades are individually forged from 5160 carbon steel; the same material commonly used in automotive leaf springs. These tools are versatile enough to assist with unique/dedicated tasks such as slicing open tropical fruits, as well as with a broader range of tasks such as the general splitting of wood.

The blades are available in three distinct designs – The Cleaver, The Durian Hatchet, The General Hatchet.

Featuring a removable D-Ring made from durable ABS plastic – inspired by the PDW “Delta-Wing”.