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#7201 – Barry the Hatchet

Barry the Durian Hatchet is a tool commonly used for the crude splitting of dense fibrous woods. The hatchet’s weighted blade and lengthy handle allows for a front-heavy swinging momentum, ideal for splitting open husked tropical fruits such as durians and coconuts.

*prices are inclusive of a pair of sharpening stones — 400 grit (Grey), 600 grit (Black) — and a Weather-Proof Field Case.

Weight: 456g

Total Length: 250mm

Blade Height: 90mm

Handle Diameter: 25mm

Sharpening Stone (Grey): 400 grit

Sharpening Stone (Black): 600 grit

After use, rinse and wipe the blade dry. Apply a light coating of food-grade mineral oil before storage. Ensure the tool is stored in a moisture-free environment.

Patina on a carbon steel blade tells a beautiful story.

The Hutan x Bidor “Cleaver / Hatchet Collection” is a collaborative project between the modern outdoor brand and one of the most reputable knife makers in the Southeast Asian region.

Handmade in the Great Southeast, the blades are individually forged from 5160 carbon steel; the same material commonly used in automotive leaf springs. These tools are versatile enough to assist with unique/dedicated tasks such as slicing open tropical fruits, as well as with a broader range of tasks such as the general splitting of wood.

The blades are available in three distinct designs – The Cleaver, The Durian Hatchet, The General Hatchet.

Featuring a removable D-Ring made from durable ABS plastic – inspired by the PDW “Delta-Wing”.