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Waking Up in Paradise

1.8902ºS, 104.1356ºE

Waking Up in Paradise


I lay at the back of my truck, having slept a little less than 3 hours since arriving at the beach. Outside, I could hear conversations and laughter, albeit muffled by the endless sound of waves crashing onto the shore. The warm morning sun shone into the cabin, gently prompting me to open my eyes. The scent of ocean breeze filled the air around me. I quietly peered out of the window. I squinted slightly, ruffled my hair and wished that I could wake up to this everyday.

Here is a playlist of tunes from a morning in paradise.



I crawled out of the truck, my bare feet sinking slightly into the sand. A layer of fog danced gracefully across the surface of the water, creating an illusion that ocean and sky were inseparably, one.


This is Ronald and his dependable Series II lightweight, Lulu. During the Trans Kalimantan Expedition, they had to perform a river crossing without the luxury of a raised air intake. Ronald removed his bonnet and instructed his co-driver to stand on the engine and hold up the air filter as they waded across the river. A photo of that dramatic scene was captured and later immortalised on the cover of LRO magazine.



We retreated into the shady cover of a Casuarina forest just before the afternoon sun started blazing from high above. It was time for lunch with this little one.