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After countless hours of prototyping, we can almost say that we are satisfied with how the handles are taking shape.

Kai, Hutan’s Lead designer, gets his hands dirty with the production of our parang prototypes. This must’ve been the 16th iteration since the conceptualization of the initial design.




Modern day software does not completely replace the design process, much of which is still preferably done by seeing and feeling a physical prototype. The actual shaping of the wooden handles, even with the use of power tools, can take hours, if not, days. In the process of doing so, we quickly developed a healthy respect for masters of the craft—who had to make do with just the use of rudimentary hand tools.



Final sanding down of the handle using 180 grit sand paper—“The more people have time to experience the joys of creativity, the less they will be consumers, especially of mass-produced culture. I see that as a kind of new wealth that counts for more than owning material things.” ― We’re not too familiar with the works of Theodore Roszak, but this really resonated.