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4.525445°N 101.473823°E



We entered Taman Negara, the oldest tropical rainforest in the world. We were led in by the Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre (TRCRC). Here, we had a first-hand glimpse of the harmful effects of deforestation. As we drove deeper into the rainforest, we noticed dozens of pipes running alongside the riverbanks, drawing water from the upstream source. While these pipes illegally feed fresh water to the farms located on lower ground, this eventually dries up the rivers and streams. Many of these water sources have since been declared, "biologically dead". Illegal logging activities have also disrupted the biodiversity and ecology of the rainforest.

It soon becomes apparent that its not a "human-problem" but a "greed-problem".

The TRCRC eventually brought us to a plot of land designated for reforestation. Here, we spent five days learning about rainforest conservation and protection. The restoration efforts of the TRCRC are separated into a few different phases and span across a timeframe of over 60 years — it truly is very noble work since the success of these projects would probably not be seen in our lifetime.

The ultimate objective is to ensure the survival of the primary rainforest.