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Once a dignified chemical engineer, he is now resigned to a reclusive life in his secluded den; misunderstood, forgotten and ousted from a former glory he once relished.



During the early 1950s, at the pinnacle of his career, he championed countless breakthroughs in the oil and gas industry — more specifically, he specialised in the research and development of automotive lubricating substances. His invaluable contribution to science was what gave him the moniker "Orang Minyak" — Oily Man — in the first place.




Now, this is what they say about him: "The villain who drenches himself in oil so as to easily evade capture by, quite literally, slipping away from the hands of the authorities."



How absurd — to be framed and vilified by the very people he had sought to build a name for; to have his ideas stolen and his reputation eternally destroyed by the curse of repetitive folklore. Who would've ever guessed that the 'poster-boy of engine oil' would woefully meet his early demise.



In the solitude of his self-exile, he grew to see himself as a dishonoured, rogue superhero.

Consumed by the emotions of being betrayed and emboldened by the notion of vindication, he embarked on a self-absolving mission to protect engines and moving parts from the evil forces of frictional wear and tear.

This is the redemption of the Orang Minyak.



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