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Oxford and the Last Overland




In 1955, six graduates from the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford embarked on an unprecedented overland expedition from the English Channel to the tiny island-state of Singapore. Armed with the arrogance of youth and two Land Rovers, the team travelled over 28,000 km on a journey through the lost world.

In Sir David Attenborough's own words, "One might reasonably claim that both the journey and its telling are now regarded as classics of their kind."

64 years later, to commemorate this extraordinary odyssey, Tim Slessor, original member of the Cambridge-Oxford Overland team and author of "First Overland", returns to Singapore but this time, to drive Oxford (one of the two original Series I Land Rovers used in the Oxford and Cambridge Far-Eastern Expedition) back to the UK.

Join us as we take a closer and a more intimate look at Oxford before it finally makes its way back home.


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