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Doomsday Rovers

6.782885ºS, 107.649179ºE



In the elevated regions of West Java, the cool climate dampens the heat of the tropical sun in a surprisingly pleasant manner. We head towards higher ground, into the forest; it is quiet and tranquil like the calm before a great storm.

We spot a fleet of stationary vehicles in the distance.

They look well-used; almost to the point of having already been through battle. On closer inspection, I notice very deliberate customisations have been made to these troop-carriers. They have been outfitted with bull-bars, winches, roll cages, canvas soft-tops and roof racks. Most of the frills from the vehicles' previous lives have been stripped off.

I get the inexplicable feeling that these Land Rovers are being prepped for a certain doomsday that the rest of us are unaware of. I am nervous but also excited because there is no place else i would rather be than in the company of these sleeping giants.


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