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AMS-STD 33446

1.3521° N, 103.8198° E

AMS-STD 33446


The Colour Standard — AMS-STD-595 — is issued by (and is a trademark of) the US Government General Services Administration (GSA/SAE). The standard defines a colour index system used by, but not limited to, government activities in a format suitable for colour identification, colour selection, colour matching and quality control inspection. The AMS-STD-595 contains a total of 692 paint chip colours and is intended to promote standardisation and consistency in the colour of items produced by military-equipment subcontractors for government use. All colours in the AMS-STD-595 range are officially identified by a five-digit code.

AMS-STD-595 supersedes the Federal Standard 595 (FED-STD-595), the standard which was developed/used by the United States government since 1956. As of February 14, 2017, SAE International has published AMS-STD-595, "Colors Used in Government Procurement", along with the official notice of the cancellation of FED-STD-595.

To provide some context, both AMS-STD-595 and FED-STD-595 are similar to other colour standards of the pre-digital era, in that they represent a colour collection rather than a colour space. These standards are built upon a set of colour shades where a unique reference number is assigned to each colour. This collection is then represented on sample colour chips, colour books and fan decks, which can be purchased from SAE International in either digital or print formats.



Today, the use of the AMS-STD-595 camouflage colour-range has been extended beyond military applications. Take, for instance, this 2005, Land Rover Defender 90, Td5. The body panels and front wide-angle trailing arms of the vehicle have been painted with AMS-STD-33446 (Desert Tan).

Read on for the comprehensive list of vehicle modifications.




Terrafirma Front and Rear Differential Guards   //   Equipe4x4 Front Bumper   //   Equipe4x4 Defender 90 Rock Sliders   //   Equipe4x4 Front Grill   //   Original Land Rover Steering Guard




ICOM IC-2300H, VHF FM Mobile Transceiver   //   Diamond Dual Band Mobile Antenna NR-770HB   //   Hutan Tropical Overhead Switch Panel   //   T-Max Battery Management System   //   ACDelco, Deep-Cycle, Dual-battery Setup





Raptor Defender Binnacle Mount   //   Raptor Pod P2, Black   //   Raptor Console, T3 B1, Black Panels   //   Raptor Glove Box (RHD), Black   //   NANOCOM TD5




Hannibal D90 Roof Rack   //   Roof Awning   //   Gauss Engineering, Sand Ladder (Reinforced)   //   Original Land Rover Rear Lamp Guard   //   Original Land Rover Front Lamp Guard




Terrafirma Heavy-Duty Steering Rod   //   Terrafirma (Return-To-Centre) Steering Damper   //   Terrafirma Caster-Corrected Front Radius Arms   //   Original Land Rover Rear Wide-Angle Prop Shaft   //   Terrafirma Wide Angle Trailing Arms   //   Terrafirma (2") Heavy Duty Spring   //   Terrafirma Pro-Sport Damper   //   Terrafirma Heavy-Duty Drive Flanges   //   Dynamic Steel Rims (Offset, -20)




KBX Fender Vent Cover   //   GMB Fender Lockers   //   Chequer Plate Bonnet Kit   //   Safari Snorkel Raised Air Intake




Mantec Swing-a-way Spare Wheel Carrier   //   Original Land Rover Rear Ladder   //   CURT 7500 lbs. Gross Trailer Tow Hitch



"Hutan Custom Works" is an ongoing mini-series featuring awesome vehicles in the Great Southeast.

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