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The Spirit of the Great Southeast – Hutan is a modern outdoor lifestyle brand that embodies the spirit of Southeast Asia. Hutan designs, produces, markets, and distributes tropical goods for a variety of outdoor and urban activities. With a multidimensional perspective, Hutan endorses an experiential outdoor lifestyle that draws inspiration from elements of the region.



Hutan’s use of the term, “Southeast Asia”, is ideally a description of the region as a whole, rather than the individual nations that comprise it. The wonder that exists in the Great Southeast is really an amalgamation of many parts - parts that are unique only to this region. As such, we try not to over-portray one Southeast Asian nation over another.



The rich diversity of Southeast Asia can be seen through the region’s inhabitants, traditions, philosophies, lifestyles, climates, terrains, trucks, music, food and conversations. This is the lifeblood of Hutan - the active participant, the quiet observer and the proud ambassador of the region.



The region’s terrain and climate can often be rather unforgiving. Dense tropical rainforest cover more than half of Southeast Asia’s total land area. As such, the natives of the land have used simplicity in their survival methods in order to adapt and survive. While Hutan’s products are designed for maximum durability and comfort for urban and outdoor use, they also possess elements of traditional Southeast Asian influences that can help you survive some of the harshest tropical conditions on earth.



During the 19th century, the region was widely colonised by western powers such as the Dutch, the British, the French and the Spanish. The former colonial masters inevitably introduced new flavours to the region, allowing the beauty of Southeast Asia to blossom into something unexpected. Nevertheless, the natives still resiliently held on to the Southeast Asian mindset - a mindset that places significant emphasis on values, traditions and respect. Hutan, as a brand, is a contemporary abstraction of this mindset.